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April 4th, 2024

Top-Rated Diamond Rings Buyer

Diamond is a crystalline gem by nature but it is declared as the most beautiful, unique, and rare epitome of wealth and of love. Admired for strength and brilliance, diamonds are popular around the world and are mainly set within engagement and wedding ring designs. People buy and deal in diamonds for various reasons.

One may be looking to add diamonds to her jewelry collection or maybe she/he stumbled on a rare stone that he/she wants to buy and keep for its sentimental value. Or one has got a wedding coming up and thinks of gifting his/her spouse with the greatest gift ever. Diamond is often associated with being given as a special gift to someone. 

Sell Us Your Jewelry

A protégé of Gray and Sons Jewelers, “Sell Us Your Jewelry” (also to be referred as, “Sell Us Your Jewelry”, “we”, “us” and “our”) is a purchasing and consignment unit working under the banner of Gray and Sons Jewelers. We are dealing in purchases of jewelry and ornaments like:

Elaborating our, Sell Us Your Jewelry’s purchases in Diamond-related jewelry, we deal in:

  • Loose Diamond
  • Diamond Engagement and Wedding Rings
  • Round Brilliant cut diamonds
  • Emerald cut diamond rings
  • Princess cut diamond pendants
  • Round diamond cut studs

“Sell Us Your Jewelry”- The Diamond Buyer

We, Sell US Your Jewelry, are specialized in purchasing diamonds that are certified from “Gemological Institute of America” aka “GIA”. We pay our customers (also to be referred to as, “customers”, “users”, “you”, “your” and “yours”) more than the market-competitive price for their pre-owned/used and GIA certified Diamonds. We can proudly declare to be the top buyer of pre-owned GIA certified Diamonds in the United States.

used diamond buyer

You can sell your used diamond jewelry to Sell Us Your Jewelry.

If you own GIA graded diamonds that are associated with these brands

We can surely offer to you the most suitable price for them.

You can also sell your precious/semi-precious diamonds easily from the comfort of your home place just by visiting our website. And thus, we release you from your struggle to find an authentic buyer near you. We are authentic, trustworthy and experts in offering deals and fulfilling our commitments regarding buying jewelry, diamonds and luxurious watches of various notable brands.

Just visit our website www.sellusyourjewelry.com and click on the link “Diamond Quote”, follow the steps and sell your diamonds without any hassle.

Sell Us Your Jewelry – The Buyers of Wedding Rings

People always have a special sense of emotion and sentimental value for wedding rings. But often time comes in life when one has to let go of such emotion and sentiment. We, Sell Us Your Jewelry, provide you with the opportunity to sell your wedding rings at a price that is higher than the existing market price.

Whether the ring is a prong type, bezel-set, channel arranged, or tension made, we deal in all types of wedding rings. We also exclusively provide a better offer, if you have a wedding ring from the collection of these brands:

We are among the top buyers of wedding rings across the United States. You can sell your wedding rings by visiting our numerous shops located in various states. You can get an expert opinion regarding your gems and/or wedding rings from gem specialists at our showroom.

sell GIA-certified diamonds

You can also sell your GIA-certified diamonds.

Diamond Ring Buyers

We buy different types of rings made from different (i) metals ( like Platinum, White Gold or Palladium), (ii) combination of metal and a gem (like a Diamond, Ruby, Emerald or Sapphire)  or (iii) combination of metal and different gems. But the ring which we most likely to buy and deal in the most is a Diamond ring.

A Diamond ring can be a solitaire, side stoned, or paved one, and we assure you to offer to you as per the market rates. In any case, we offer a hassle-free, convenient solution regarding buying your Diamond ring. 


branded diamond eternity rings buyer


We also buy branded diamond eternity bands.

You can sell your branded diamond ring from the exquisite collection of these brands:

We, Sell Us Your Jewelry, are a reliable business and have kept our integrity for over forty years. We promise to provide you with instant cash via either wire transfer or cash on the spot for your Diamond rings. 

Best Selling Offer

We, Sell Us Your Jewelry, bring to you the best selling offer by providing you with an opportunity to sell your diamond to a party that we have found most suitable for you. For doing so, you will have to send your Diamonds/Diamond jewelry to us via shipment.

We will evaluate your consignment and circulate details and other specifications of your Diamond article to various parties, who we are in touch with. If any of the party is interested in your Diamonds/Diamond jewelry, we will let you know about their offer. Thus, you can sell your Diamonds/Diamond jewelry at your desired high price by following our easy and simple steps. 

The Diamond industry has evolved and changed significantly over the last two decades, mainly due to technological developments. While traditional brick and mortar retailers are not happy about how the trade has evolved, we, “Sell Us  Your Jewelry”, have adapted ourselves to the technological advancements accordingly. 


branded diamond jewelry buyer


We also purchase branded diamond jewelry.

Due to online competition and the standardization of the Diamond grading system, it has brought transparency within the industry. Buying diamonds online with us, “Sell Us Your Jewelry”, who is one of the largest buyers of used and pre-owned Diamond/Diamond jewelry, will turn out to be a safe and pleasant experience for you!


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