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January 18th, 2024

Where do I sell my used Breguet watch in Bal Harbour?

Get Paid Highest Prices for your Watch. Get on the spot Cash.

Sell Us Your Used Breguet Watch

Buy and sell used your used Breguet watch online at www.sellusyourjewelry.com


Where do I sell my used Breguet watch in Bal Harbour?

This is an often asked question. There are many companies buying watches and jewelry, but all are not the same.

There is a reason why thousands of customers chose to sell used watches online at Gray and Sons Jewelers’ online buying division called www.sellusyourjewelry.com . Gray & Sons Jewelers is famous pre-owned watch and jewelry store located right across the street from world known Bal Harbour Shops in Bal Harbour/ Miami.  

You may also sell your unwanted used watch in-person at our showroom in Bal Harbour, Florida. Luxury pre-owned Breguet watches are high commodities and Gray and Sons Jewelers will offer you the best price for your Breguet watch. With fast and easy cash payments, our customers think the process is easy and are very happy with the results.


How do I sell my used, pre-owned Breguet watch?

Getting the highest prices for your Breguet watch is your highest priority and we are here to help. Especially if you’re not sure where to start. Our watch experts are available, either online or by phone or text to walk you through the process. Here is how it works: 

Visit www.sellusyourjewelry.com online and follow the easy steps.

After you submit our easy and short form, our “ real  person”  sales representative will get in touch with you within 24 hours. Answer a few easy questions about the Breguet watch you want to sell. Click here to fill out the form.

Mail in your Breguet watch to our store. To request an easy shipping box, follow the above steps. Once we receive your watch, we will do a final inspection and complete the purchase. Click here to get your easy ship box.

Sell your Breguet in-store in person. You can also visit our luxury watch buyer showroom, which is open from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. We are located at 9595 Harding Avenue in Surfside, Florida. Come visit us and talk to our knowledgeable staff about your Breguet watch.


Sell Us Your Used Breguet Watch

Get the highest prices for your Breguet watch at www.sellusyourjewelry.com.

Where do I sell or trade my used Breguet watch in Bal Harbour ? 

Due to high demands for pre-owned luxury watches including Breguet watches this is a good time to sell or trade. Since Gray and Sons Jewelers is know to carry a #1 used inventory of watches and jewelry and diamonds.  It will be easy to trade your Breguet watch for something new you desire. You may also consider getting rid of some old pieces of jewelry that are sitting in your drawer because people are buying older watches and jewelry. We offer maximum value for your trade-ins. Gray And Sons Jewelers has a great inventory to choose from. To trade your Breguet watch, you can go to www.grayandsons.com. To learn about Breguet watches at Gray and Sons Jewelers, visit this link.

With Sell Us Your Jewelry, you will get the highest payment for your used Breguet watch and other luxury watches and jewelry. 

We buy all Breguet models including; Breguet Tradition 7057, Breguet Classique 3337, Breguet Type XXI 3810, Breguet Marine Chronograph, Breguet Classique Chronométrie 7727, Breguet Tradition Quantième Rétrograde 7597, Breguet Tourbillon Extra-Plat 5367, Breguet Reine de Naples 8918, Breguet La Tradition 7027BA/11/9V6, Breguet Marine II Chronograph 5827ba/12/5zu, Breguet Classique Automatic 5177BB129V6. 


Can I consign my Breguet watch and get even more money?

Yes. We buy watches and jewelry for cash or bank wire immediately, but when you leave it with us on consignment, we can give even more money than we would typically pay for it on the spot. We’ll resell your Breguet watch by refurbishing it  and  taking it to showroom condition. 

You can feel comfortable by leaving your items with us. All items are insured with Lloyds of London as the insurance company. It gives you peace of mind. 


Get a Free Fast Quote and Get Paid Cash for Your Watch

We work hard to get you the best possible price for your watch instantly with cash or via check or bank wire. Gray and Sons Jewelers is a leading used watch buyer. We are known to have a great  inventory of used Breguet watches. This is the reason why we have a buyer for your watch and we are highly motivated to pay top price for your Breguet. 


Sell Us Your Jewelry & Watches

Don’t simply take your Breguet watch to a random company where they don't have the capability or simply guess the value of your watch.  Gray and Sons Jewelers has been highly recognized and established for 42 years nationwide and particularly in the Bal Harbour / Miami area. Our in-house watch experts will evaluate your watch and get you the highest price because we know the watches and current market values. 

We buy, sell, repair, and trade all types of used watches and jewelry. Whether it’s estate jewelry or a designer piece, modern, or vintage we are the major buyer for such items.


Who to contact to sell my Breguet Watch?

CALL: 305-770-6955

EMAIL: sell@grayandsons.com

TEXT:  Vika at 786-266-4763 and get a fast response. 

Vika is a live watch expert ready to help you.

WEBSITE: TO SELL VISITwww.sellusyourjewelry.com



Gray and Sons Jewelers specializes in Pre-Owned, Estate, Vintage, Antique, Heirloom, Used Watches & Jewelry

We Buy, Sell Trade, Consign, Repair and Restore Used and Pre-Owned  Watches  and Jewelry 


Our customers say; ” There are no better certified pre-owned Watch Specialists & Jewelers than Gray and Sons Jewelers in all of Florida and US ”

Visit www.GrayandSons.com



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