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Where to sell Platinum in Miami Beach

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Wearing platinum is a symbol of maturity. Platinum is known for its dense weight, its heavier than silver, gold, and copper. Platinum is one of the densest metal elements even twice as dense as lead. Platinum is used for only the most prestigious and rarest of jewelry and watches bring in the highest and most rear merchandise. Platinum is known to keeps its lust over other alloys like white gold. 

White gold vs Platinum is a big decision for most people looking at jewelry. Even though white gold looks similar to platinum it doesn’t have the characteristic. After just a few years of wearing white gold, one will notice the rhodium (which give it its white luster) start to wear off and the yellow tint of gold starts to bleed through giving the metal a yellow hue. Platinum on contrary won’t change color or fade, while being hypoallergenic over white gold since white gold has nickel content. 


What Forms of Platinum can you Buy and Sell

Platinum eternity band with approximately 3.12 carats in diamonds

Platinum Rings:

Platinum rings are an ideal metal for longevity. Platinum being a hard metal, can take a few hits before it gets scratched unlike soft gold could.  The fact that platinum is so highly resistant to tarnishing and corrosion it’s known as the “noble metal”. At Gray and Sons we love buying platinum rings with or without stones also we buy platinum diamond rings Looking to sell platinum ring with stones or no stones, our sales representative Antonella knows how to get you the highest price possible. Men and ladies platinum rings. 


Fabulous diamond necklace in platinum

Platinum Necklaces:

Highly sought after for its great weight and wear, the metal has a lust of a blueish tint that white gold just can’t compete with. Platinum is premier choice for jewelry because of its weight over gold, and for its rarity which happens to be 15x more difficult to find than gold. When it comes to purity in the jewelry world, platinum is 95% pure vs gold jewelry is only in the 75% purity. If your interested in selling to Gray and Sons, our representative Vika is a true expert in platinum necklaces from Tiffany to Cartier and will be happy to guide you through the process.  We buy Platinum necklaces and platinum earrings. Dont forget the platinum chain either. 



Platinum Watches:

With all the benefits of platinum mentioned above, wearing a platinum watch is a low-key flex. Platinum watches are only reservice for the exclusive or most complicated watch line up in the company.  A minute repeater in platinum sounds louder and crisper to the ear than a stainless-steel minute repeater. Unlike yellow gold or rose gold, a platinum watch to the eyes of many looking at it just seems like a stainless-steel watch but wearing a platinum watch allows you to have a great weight on your wrist making it feel solid. At Gray and Sons our sales representative Jackie knows platinum watches like how Bobby Fisher knows a chess board. 


Platinum Coin and Bullion

We buy all types of coins or bullion from across the country or our local neighbors. The American coin is the American Eagle Platinum Bullion, while not as common as a gold or silver coin it still holds great value. We also buy Platinum settings


Where to get the highest price for your platinum 

Look no further than Gray and Sons, we are the #1 buyer of platinum in the world. We have been in business for 40 plus years. 

Here at Gray and Sons we are buyers of platinum in all forms bars, coins, jewelry, and watches. At Gray and Sons, we are always buying platinum during business hours. Swing on by to our show room in Bal Harbour or use our convenient e-z ship box if out of state so we can help give you a assess value on your platinum jewelry, coins, or watches.  

If you’re asking yourself “where can I sell platinum” or “how to buy platinum” look no further than Gray and Sons. We have been in business for 40 plus years, purchasing and selling platinum from the beginning. Knowing someone you can trust to give you the best price, will give you the peace of mind you’re looking for.



Steps to sell your platinum on-line

  1. Visit the Gray and sons buying division, SellUsYourJewelry
  2. Fill out the form, if you have any questions chat with our specialist Viktoria
  3. Our professional buyers will contact you with any questions they may have regarding your item 
  4. You will get a preliminary estimate of items in 48 hrs
  5. If your happy with the preliminary quote, request a E-Z ship box which contains the packing material to safely send us your items
  6. Receive your payment via check or money wire
Gray and Sons Showroom


Everything You Need To Known About Miami Beach

If you’ve been wondering if Miami Beach is worth your time, the answer is yes! Miami Beach is definitely a place you should visit. Miami Beach is Florida’s most glamorous venue and is close to some of the most visited destinations in the state, such as Everglades National Park, Big Cypress National Park and the Florida Keys. The hottest nightclubs, elegant restaurants and endless white beaches are just a small part of the best things to do in Miami Beach.

If you’re coming to Miami Beach, check out the list of the best things to do in Miami Beach and enjoy your time in one of the most exciting places in Florida.

List of Top Things To Do in Miami Beach

  • Luxury Dining 

Experience some delicious flavours at the most luxurious restaurants in Miami Beach. After all, Miami Beach is famous for the best nightlife and top restaurants. Have an unforgettable dinner in Milos, where you will always find the best seafood in the world. Carbone, on the other hand, is the place to go when you’re looking for some amazing Italian food & wine, but make sure you book your table at least 6 weeks in advance. There is also Jaya at the Setai for those who love Asian cuisine and the best drinks.

  • Night Clubs

Miami Beach is the place where party never ends. Hot weather makes the perfect conditions for having too many refreshing drinks and partying till the morning to the best music. Mynt Lounge and Liv are the top places to go and have the party of your life, because it’s one of the best things to do in Miami Beach.

  • Art Galleries

One of the top things to do in Miami Beach is visiting art galleries that interest you. There is something for everyone in Miami Beach. The most popular art galleries include the Romero Britto Fine Art Gallery, the Art Basel Galleries, and the National Geographic Fine Art Galleries

  • Designer Shopping

It’s hard to leave Miami without shopping at one of the many luxurious designer boutiques. Like it or not, luxury shopping is definitely one of the top things to do in Miami Beach. In addition to clothes from top designers, such as Chanel, Dior, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton, in Miami you can also get yourself a piece of luxury jewelry or a luxury watch like RolexPatek PhilippeAudemars PiguetHublotBreitlingCartier, and more. Visit the Gray & Sons Jewelers showroom located next to the luxury Bal Harbour Shops in Miami, where you can buy luxury jewelry and watches for the best price. Gray & Sons Jewelers is a renowned jewelry company with over 42 years of experience.

If you have a piece of luxury jewelry or a luxury watch that you no longer use, visit Sell Us Your Jewelry and get the most cash or your luxury watch or jewelry. Sell Us Your Jewelry is the best place to buy, sell, trade, consign, repair, restore used watches and jewelry in Miami. 

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