Sell Estate Jewelry Like a Pro: Your Complete Guide

February 23rd, 2024

Sell Estate Jewelry: A Guide to Getting the Best Value

Estate jewelry is a broad definition for a previously owned piece of jewelry including antique, vintage and modern pieces. When buying estate jewelry, customers look for unique and one of a kind pieces, usually at more affordable prices than brand new jewelry. However some antique and vintage jewelry of great provenance or limited edition jewelry  can appreciate above original retail price.  There is a great market for estate jewelry. 

When you sell estate jewelry, you not only tap into the initial investment you made but you share the beauty and history of these timeless pieces with new owners.  

This seller’s guide will walk you through where and how to sell estate jewelry to ensure a successful and rewarding experience.

Sell Estate Jewelry with Victorian Diamonds & Emerald Broach
Exquisite Circa 1890 Antique Victorian Diamonds & Emerald Brooch/Pendant in 18K & Silver Top: A Gem for Selling Estate Jewelry.

Why do we seek  Estate Jewelry ? 

There are many examples of estate jewelry that have withstood the test of time, bearing witness to the changing tides of culture, fashion, and craftsmanship. These jewels often comprise diverse periods, styles, and materials, distinguishing them from newly manufactured jewelry. 

Vintage or Antique Appeal.

The age of estate jewelry plays a crucial role in its classification. Vintage pieces showcase design elements and materials that reflect specific eras. They carry a certain charm that contemporary jewelry may lack.  Jewelry with a great provenance, famous or historically significant previous owner can have a better  appeal and increased value. 

Quality Sustainable Materials

Estate jewelry frequently incorporates high-quality materials, contributing to its aesthetic appeal and enduring value. 

The purity and rarity of the metal and gemstones used, and the gems' type, quality, and size can significantly impact the jewelry’s value. 

Many seek luxury estate rings, necklaces, earrings because of the sustainability and eco-friendly aspect of the jewelry that is being reused.  

Design and Craftsmanship

Estate jewelry often boasts superior craftsmanship. Artisans of the past paid meticulous attention to detail. Handcrafted settings, intricate designs, and carefully selected gemstones are hallmarks of estate jewelry. 

The intricate detailing, quality materials, and handcrafted nature of estate jewelry set it apart from contemporary mass-produced pieces. This adds a touch of nostalgia and charm to the jewelry. 

Handcrafted and unique designs, such as intricate designs, fine engraving, and skilled craftsmanship, often fetch higher prices. Brand jewelry, pieces signed by renowned jewelers or with identifiable maker’s marks may have a higher value. 

These unique characteristics of estate jewelry make it a cherished and sought-after jewelry category. 

The value of estate jewelry can be determined further based on these factors. 


Well-maintained estate jewelry with minimal wear and tear tends to have a higher value. Pieces that have undergone any restoration can affect authenticity and value. 

Market Trends

The current demand for specific styles or eras can influence the perceived value of certain types of estate jewelry. 


Estate jewelry with original certificates or historical documentation will have higher value. However our experts can verify authenticity based on the jewelry's unique characteristics. 

Jewelry experts can accurately assess the value of estate jewelry by carefully considering these factors.

Assessing the value  is a crucial step when selling estate jewelry. 


Exquisite Pearl Necklace: Securely Sell Estate Jewelry
Discover where to sell Estate Jewelry, Including a Stunning Vintage Akoya pearl necklace with 14K yellow gold & Akoya pearls "Flower" clasp.

Where to Sell Estate Jewelry

Deciding where to sell estate jewelry can be daunting because there are plenty of places you can sell estate jewelry

Local Jewelers:

You may sell estate jewelry to a local jeweler near you and get immediate cash. You can also opt to sell to a pawn shop and be paid instantly, but typically, they pay the least of all options. 

Auction Houses

Reputable auction houses provide competitive bidding platforms that can drive higher prices. Selling at an auction, though, has fees and commissions associated with the sale. 

Online Marketplaces

Widely used platforms like Etsy and eBay provide avenues for selling estate jewelry. You can leverage these platforms’ existing user base and global reach. However, you must do the listing, photos, answer queries, and take charge of deliveries yourself. 

Online Estate Jewelry Buyer

You can consider selling estate jewelry to a dedicated online platform. Online estate jewelry buyers may offer fair prices, especially if they have a reputation for dealing with high-quality pieces. 

These are the factors to consider when finding where to sell estate jewelry. 

  • Consider the expertise and experience in dealing with estate jewelry.  An experienced buyer can accurately assess your piece's true value. 
  • Seek an established and reputable estate jewelry buyer. 
  • Find a buyer who is communicative and transparent throughout the selling process. 

Choose the right place where to sell estate jewelry to ensure a successful and secure selling experience. 

Prepare to Sell Your Estate Jewelry

Here are some tips on how to successfully sell your estate jewelry.

Research the value

Your grandmother told you her diamond necklace was valuable…. You may get an appraisal or opinion of value from an expert to know its quality and to confirm authenticity. Know your jewelry’s positive and negative attributes and conditions that affect its value. 

Prepare Your Valuable Diamond Ring or Necklace 

Gather the original box, documents like certificates, original receipts for your jewelry. For example, including the original iconic “Tiffany Blue”  box can significantly increase your jewelry’s value.  

Choose your Jewelry Buyer

Choose your selling option based on how much time and effort you exert on the selling process. If you want immediate cash, sell your estate jewelry to a local jewelry or pawn shop.  Selling jewelry to auction houses or direct customer to customer online marketplaces may entail more of your time and effort. 

However, if you want a seamless, fast  and hassle-free selling process with immediate payment, opt to sell estate jewelry to an online estate jewelry buyer such as Sell Us Your, the Buying Platform of Gray and Sons Jewelers. 

You may ask yourself these questions: 

  • Do you wear the item often? 
  • How does the jewelry make you feel? 
  • Do you need or want the money for another purpose ? 

If you are ready to sell estate jewelry, let's start the process. 

                        Get a free quote to know how much it is worth.

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Sell Us Your is the dedicated purchasing division of Gray & Sons Jewelers. We are the world’s leading jewelry buyer with over 43 years of experience selling, repairing, consigning, and buying luxury watches, diamonds, sterling silver flatware and hollowware, and designer or fine estate jewelry. Our in-house estate jewelry specialist has the knowledge and expertise to evaluate your item and offer top dollar for it! 

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Meet Claudine Faifer: Estate Jewelry & Sterling Silver Specialist

Meet Claudine Faifer an estate jewelry, watch and sterling silver specialist with a professional career spanning over 50 years, including an impressive 30 years career at Gray and Sons Jewelers, the premier destination for selling, buying, repairing and consigning luxury watches and estate jewelry… Read more of Claudine Faifer's History in Estate Jewelry




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