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Coral Gables Engagement Ring Buyer

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Thinking of selling your engagement ring for one reason or another? Do it! We understand that it can be pretty testing to sell something which previously held a lot of sentimental value. Your search for the best Coral Gables engagement ring buyer has come to an end with Sell Us Your Jewelry to your rescue.

Everyone has a few jewelry pieces in their collection that hold an emotional and monetary value that is exactly why it’s hard letting them go but it is important. It’s crucial to let go of what would be an old engagement ring lying in some corner of your house because you no longer wear it. It’s better to sell it and buy something you can build more memories with and you will wear it more often.

What better place to make this transaction other than Sell Us Your Jewelry, the top Coral Gables engagement ring buyer? We understand and respect our customers therefore we try to give them the best possible deal. Ours is unparalleled customer service as our company thrives in ensuring client satisfaction and building good customer relations.

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Why Choose Sell Us Your Jewelry?

Sell US Your Jewelry is the buying division of the reputable Gray & Sons Jewelers. We have over 40 years of experience in dealing in fine jewelry of all kinds including vintage, modern, antique, estate, etc. Over the years, Sell Us Your Jewelry has earned a considerable amount of respect and made their name the most reliable and convenient jewelry, watch, and diamond buyer throughout the US.

When it comes to selling your expensive and precious engagement rings, it is important to rely on a trustable buyer like Sell Us Your Jewelry. We are a registered and recognized member of the Jewelers of America association and carry an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Not only can you expect complete honesty and hospitability but also competitive top value offers which you won’t get with any other buyer. We keep our offer up to date according to market rates, demands, and fluctuations.

Coral Gables Engagement Ring Buyer

At Sell Us Your Jewelry we make it our duty to facilitate you to get a free appraisal and make sure that your experience with us is pleasant, convenient and worth your time. We believe in being completely transparent with our clients and making the entire process of selling your engagement ring or any other jewelry piece easy.

If you reside in Coral Gables, it will be even easier as our boutique in Miami Beach, Florida is just a 30-drive from Coral Gables. Thus, you only need to bring in any jewelry piece you’re hoping to sell at our boutique. Our specialists will gladly help you through the entire process and explain all details involved. Our goal surely is to acquire fine antique, estate, modern, and luxury jewelry however it also involves helping you make fast cash and taking jewelry pieces off your hand that you no longer have a liking for.

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Selling Your Engagement Ring Online Could Not Be Easier

It can be pretty tricky and scary to deal with buyers online particularly in regards to selling your precious jewelry. Most sellers are concerned about getting good rates, good sales service and a convenient selling procedure. Keeping this in mind, Sell Us Your Jewelry has made the process of dealing in jewelry incredibly easy and simplified into three simple steps, ensuring that we are the best Coral Gables engagement ring buyer around.

Firstly, you are supposed to fill in a form available on our website that requires all the important details of your engagement ring. This includes pictures, gemstone certification (if any), etc., and makes sure that you fill in ample details to ensure an accurate quote. Based on this information, our experts will provide you a preliminary quote. Next, if you are happy with the quote, go ahead and request an easy-to-ship box to send the engagement ring to our facility in Miami for further assessment. Upon final evaluation, our experts will contact you with the final quote or consignment terms. After the agreement, the cash will be received by the seller immediately via the method of preference.

With all the details above, we are sure that you have found your next go-to Coral Gables engagement ring buyer.

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