Optimize Returns: Selling Your Jewelry at the Right Moment

June 27th, 2024

Making Space for New Memories: Why It's Time to Sell Your Jewelry

Fashion, styles, finances, and priorities have evolved over the past years. While life is still relatively comfortable here compared to the rest of the world, it may be the right time to sell your jewelry idly sitting in your jewelry box, gathering dust. 

A recent study conducted by CNBC says that the average American household has about $7000 worth of unused jewelry gathering dust and occupying precious space in their home. 

There is more to selling your jewelry than grabbing the first offer that comes your way. Keep reading for more details!

Sell Your Jewelry - Preowned Blue Sapphire & Diamond Ring
Pre-owned Blue sapphire and diamond ring in 18k yellow gold, perfect for jewelry buyer

Is It Time to Sell Your Jewelry? 

Jewelry is a common present from loved ones, a fitting reward to yourself for certain accomplishments, and a typical family heirloom.  Most people intend to keep their jewelry forever. However, some considerations may indicate the right time to sell your jewelry. 

Change in Personal Taste

It is typical for your style to evolve, and some of your pieces may no longer align with your preferences. Selling your jewelry allows you to make space for new pieces that better reflect your current taste. Out with the old, in with the new!

Financial Needs

Selling your jewelry can be a practical and quick solution if you face financial challenges such as medical expenses or paying off debts. 

No Sentimental Value

Having jewelry you rarely or no longer wear is a sign that these pieces no longer hold practical or sentimental value to you. Selling your unused jewelry can free up space in many ways. 

Upgrading or Downsizing:

Consider selling your jewelry to upgrade to more meaningful or valuable pieces. Conversely, jewelry of sale can help streamline your collection if you are simplifying your lifestyle. 

Breakup or Divorce,

Ending a significant relationship or a divorce may require reevaluating your jewelry collection. Selling pieces associated with the past, such as your engagement ring, can help you move forward. 

Inherited Items

Inherited jewelry that does not suit your style or preferences may be candidates for selling. Many think that selling inherited jewelry is unthankful. However, some believe keeping jewelry only for sentimental reasons is not practical. 

It can be better to sell inherited jewelry and use the cash for things your deceased relative might approve of, such as contributing to a grandchild’s college education. 

Value Appreciation

Jewelry with precious metals or stones may appreciate over time. If you believe the market conditions are favorable, selling when the value is high can be an excellent financial decision. 

Emotional Readiness

Parting with your jewelry can be an emotional process. If you feel emotionally ready to let go of certain pieces and are comfortable with your decision, it may be the right time to sell your jewelry. 

Take a close look at your pieces of jewelry. Ask yourself these questions to determine which pieces to sell:

  • Have you worn this jewelry in the past year? 
  • Is this piece still stylish? 
  • Does this piece bring back unpleasant memories? 
  • Does this piece have undesirable emotions attached to it? 
  • Will selling this piece free you of excess baggage?

Answering yes to at least three of these questions means it is time to sell your jewelry and make space for new memories.

Preowned Gold Bracelet: Elevate Your Style, Sell Your Jewelry Today
Used Henry Dunay Bamboo hammered texture bracelet with 1 carat in diamonds, perfect for jewelry buyers.

What are My Options? 

It is always wise to know what you own before selling your jewelry. 

  • Do you have a modern, vintage, or antique piece? 
  • Is your jewelry made from silver, gold, or platinum? 
  • What is the weight and quality of the metal? 
  • Does your jewelry include diamonds or other precious gems?

You have plenty of options when selling your jewelry. But, you need to determine which option is hassle-free while giving you the most value for your piece. 

Personal Selling:

You can choose to sell your jewelry directly to an end buyer. This selling method will give you the most profits. However, you must advertise your piece, answer queries, and meet or ship your piece to the end buyer. It takes a lot of time and patience. 


Pawn Shops should be your last option when selling your jewelry. Pawnshop staff may be inexperienced in the jewelry industry, thus giving you very low offers. 

Auction Houses

Selling your jewelry to auction houses takes a lot of time. It may take several weeks or months to get your money. Also, auction houses will charge you several fees, including entry fees, cataloging and marketing fees, and sales commissions. These fees can significantly reduce the amount you receive. 

Online Jewelry Buyers

Choosing an online jewelry buyer is currently one of the most popular, hassle-free, and profitable options like us, Sell Us Your Jewelry.com. Our company is owned and managed by qualified professionals knowledgeable about jewelry, diamonds, and gemstones. More importantly, we will give you offers based on the true worth of your jewelry and market conditions. It is crucial to reach out to the right online jewelry buyer like us.

About Sell Us Your Jewelry.com

Sell Us Your Jewelry.com is the dedicated online buying platform of Gray & Sons Jewelers. We have been buying and selling pre-owned luxury jewelry, luxury watches, diamonds, and sterling silver pieces since 1980. 

Sell Us Your Jewelry.com provides a hassle-free, quick, safe, and transparent selling process. Sell Us Your Jewelry.com will offer you the most dollars for your jewelry. We have a team of qualified gemologists and sales specialists with over 150 years of combined experience. Thus, we can offer you the most value for your jewelry. Come and see us last. We make sure you get the best offer for your jewelry. 

Start the selling process now and make space for new memories! Request a free quote to know how much money you can earn from selling your jewelry.

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