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The Most Incredible Used Rolex Watches

Innovative Rolex Watches

The Rolex brand was founded relatively late, in 1905, however, it quickly found a group of supporters and grew to the level of the largest watch manufacturer in the world.

Rolex watches come at very varied prices, some reahttps://sellusyourjewelry.com/incredible-used-rolex-watches/ch up to several hundred thousand dollars. All thanks to unique mechanisms, as well as precious materials used in production. Stainless steel, sapphire school, gold, mother of pearl, or alligator leather are just a few examples of materials used in the production of Rolex watches.

The Rolex brand is known for innovation – we owe it to watches with a waterproof case or a date on the dial. Adaptation of watches to the present time from two time zones is also the work of this brand.


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Vintage and Used Rolex Watches

Used and vintage Rolex watches are one of the most desirable watches on the aftermarket. Rolex today is not only one of the largest watch brands, but also one of the most prestigious brands in each category. The brand was first registered in 1908 and the production of excellent mechanical watches began.

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Used Rolex Models

Watches extremely popular among all ages. Rolex manufactures all parts by itself. Most models have precision certificates.

The Oyster envelope (produced by cutting out the shape from the mass of metal), the perpetual mechanism (automatic winding), the Datejust mechanism (in which the date changes exactly at midnight) are the three biggest inventions of the Rolex brand.

Model, material, dial, ring color: all-timer components are iconic. The wide range of models makes used Rolex watches popular on the market.

Rolex Bubble back

Rolex bubble Back


·      Rolex Bubble Back

At Rolex in 1930, he started producing automatic watches using a rotor that makes a full rotation (360 degrees). The movement was very quiet compared to other movements at that time. Technology, however, had one drawback, which ironically makes these watches very much sought after in the market; for the rotor to make a full circle, the envelope had to be much thicker than before. 

Therefore, in these models, the envelope on the back has the shape of a hemisphere, giving them the nickname “Rolex Bubble Back”. The first model was introduced in 1934 and was produced until 1950.


Rolex Submariner

Rolex Submariner


·      Vintage Submariner watches

At first, Rolex began producing its waterproof watches using very different methods. Patented twisted crowns significantly increased water resistance, but were still sensitive to higher water pressures. During World War 2, Rolex supplied watches with a special case to Panerai, which was used in elite watches made for the Italian Navy – at Decima MAS of the Regia Marina. 

However, these models were not available to the general public until modern times. In 1950, interest and demand for divers watch increased, so Rolex quickly released the first Rolex Submariner in 1954. It was waterproof to a depth of 100 meters and had screwed crowns without protective covers visible on later models. Early Rolex Submariner models are often associated with the James Bond Submariner watch because this model was worn by the famous agent in several early films. 

In 1960, the model was expanded with additions, such as crown protection, thicker housing, and increased water resistance up to 200 meters. 1972 Submariner model was used by James Bond in the 1973 movie “Live and Let Die”. In the movie, the watch had a function of magnetic attraction (and unbuttoning dresses) and a rotating telescope as a saw. Classic Rolex Submariner watches are today among the most desirable on the market.


Rolex Daytona

Vintage Rolex Daytona


·      Antique Used Rolex Watch Daytona

Historically, chronographs have never been the strongest point of the Rolex collection. Focusing on their famous waterproof Oyster watches, they left the production of chronographs to other companies. It wasn’t until 1937 that Rolex began producing chronographs. They had one button to start, stop, and reset the timer. 

The most famous Rolex Chronograph is the 1960 Rolex Cosmograph. After starting production, the model did not sell in too unusual quantities, but the demand increased when the model was worn on the cover of the magazine by Paul Newman. Until 1980, the price of this model was much lower than today. 

In the mid-1980s, the model was offered at retail for around $1,000, but only ten years later the price approached $5,000. The Rolex Daytona worn by Paul Newman was later sold for over $25,000. In 2000, two Daytona prototype watches with a red Ferrari dial appeared. They had never before seen prices over $200,000 each.


Rolex Precision Royal

Rolex Precision


·      Rolex Precision Royal

Rolex Precision Royal is sought after on the vintage watch market. We found one of the most available Rolexes watches when they were launched in 1960, and today you can, with a little luck, choose one of these selected Rolex watches for around $1,000. 

The appearance and name of the model have changed over the years, and the latest equivalent of this model is Rolex Air-King.

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·      Pre-owned Rolex Watches Explorer

Rolex Explorer was originally produced with Rolex Bubble Back. Rolex Bubble Back has always been well rated. Classic vintage Rolex Explorer watches are very popular today. Edmund Hillary wore it during the first conquest of Mount Everest in 1953. 

The first luxury watch – Rolex Explorer models were produced in a Bubble envelope, but envelopes have been swapped since. Now they are thinner.


rolex daytona

Rolex Daytona


·      Used Rolex Watch Kew A

In 1947, Rolex decided to produce watches that would withstand the most demanding tests at the time – six-week tests developed to test Royal Navy chronometers known as “Kew A”. They sent 145 watches to the British Kew Laboratory. 

From the tested watches, 136 have been tested and received the Kew class A certificate. These watches, being produced in very limited versions, are very much sought after and rarely available for sale and have a very high price. Steel models are usually sold for around $3,500-4,500, and gold models for over $10,000.

·      Rolex Milgauss – historic since 1954

Rolex Milgauss was introduced in 1954 with magnetic protection. This is especially useful when working in environments with large electrical equipment or in a strong magnetic field. The model had a small group of fans who bought it not only for its anti-magnetic properties but also for a slightly oversized envelope. 

The model was removed from the Rolex catalog in 1988 but is still available to order from professionals. Today, used Rolex Milgauss watches are in high demand, partly due to the small number of copies produced, and therefore popular among collectors.


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