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Bay Harbor Jewelry Buyer

Gray and Sons Jewelers: Top Bay Harbor Jewelry Buyer

With the gold market at an all-time high and jewelry businesses booming, it is one of the best times to let go of your old and used jewelry that you have become weary of keeping. If you are in a situation where you need money or want to pursue a lucrative investment opportunity like stocks and bonds, then you can exchange the extra gold and silver jewelry for money.

Jewelry In Bay Harbor
We Buy Jewelry In Bay Harbor

Whenever the subject of selling your antique and designer jewelry comes up in a conversation, local pawn shops and gold buyers are discussed. But if you are looking for a reasonable price for your gold, silver, and diamond jewelry, then you need to find a trustworthy and reputed jewelry buyer, one who gives you the respect and the real price of your precious possessions, the top Bay Harbor Jewelry buyer.

We Buy Gold Diamond Ring in Bay Harbor
We Buy Gold Diamond Ring in Bay Harbor

Where to sell jewelry near me?

With the online service of Gray & Sons, it doesn’t matter where you live in the United States. Now you can sell your jewelry, diamonds, and designer watches from the comfort of your bedroom. The surprisingly easy and trouble-free process augmented with unparalleled customer support makes Sell Us Your Jewelry the best option of Bay Harbor jewelry buyer to get a reasonable price for your possessions.

We Buy Gold Diamond Earrings in Bay Harbor
We Buy Gold Diamond Earrings in Bay Harbor

Where is Bay Harbor Jewelry Buyer

Gray & Sons have been the local experts in Bay Harbor jewelry buyer for decades now. The company has thousands of satisfied customers over the past many years. The proof of their unmatched service is reflected in the online reviews, testimonials, as well as by word of mouth. Gray & Sons proudly claims to be the Bay Harbor jewelry buyer that pays the most.

We Buy Gold Diamond Rings in Bay Harbor
We Buy Gold Diamond Rings in Bay Harbor

What kind of jewelry can you sell?

Jewelry can be categorized according to the metal they are made of as well as the gems or crystals they contain. Sell Us Your Jewelry accepts all kinds of jewelry made with any type of precious metal, diamonds, or gemstones. Most popular metals used to design jewelry include:

–          Gold

–          Silver

–          Platinum

–          Palladium

–          Titanium

–          Tungsten

–          Stainless steel

Some of the most famous and precious gems used to make jewelry include:

–          Amethyst

–          Emerald

–          Black Opal

–          Jadeite

–          Tanzanite

–          Ruby

–          Diamond

–          Sapphire

–          Topaz

–          Moonstone

–          Pearls

All of these precious stones and gems are used by jewelry designers to make the best and most expensive jewelry. Use of gems can be seen considerably more in antique and estate jewelry, while diamonds and ruby are more prevalent in modern designs and hip hop jewelry.

The Solution to selling your jewelry, diamonds, and any of the above gemstones is with the Bay Harbor jewelry buyer, Sell Us Your Jewelry. Sell Us Your Jewelry is a Bay Harbor jewelry buyer that accepts gold and silver jewelry items including anklets, rings, bands, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, circlet, diadems, medallions, tiaras, pendants, wedding rings, lockets, toe rings, coronets, bolo ties, membership pins, art jewelry, estate jewelry, belly chains, hairpins, hat pins, and body piercings.

We Buy White Gold Diamond Rings in Bay Harbor
We Buy White Gold Diamond Rings in Bay Harbor

Designer jewelry can earn you even more. If your collection includes pieces from Bulgari Divas’ Dream, Cartier, Harry Winston, Buccellati, Graff, Piaget, Mikimoto Pearls, David Yurman, Chanel Costume jewelry, Tiffany & Co., Boucheron, and Dior, then you are in luck. These brands can yield the best price when you sell them at the best Bay Harbor jewelry buyer, Sell Us Your Jewelry.

Experiences staff at the Bay Harbor jewelry buyer will examine your jewelry with the latest techniques and evaluate the Carat value and weight of the pieces. Specialized XRF machines can identify the purity of your gold, and thus the chances of you getting paid a good amount increases further. Honest sales staff will make sure that you get to enjoy the best quote in the market.

What other things can you trade?

Besides jewelry, you can also sell designer watches, silverware, scrap gold or silver, gold and silver coins, bullions, and bars. Your wristwatch can be your investment primarily if you have invested in a timepiece from Omega, Rolex, Cartier, Tag Heuer, Chopard, Jaeger LeCoultre, Audemars Piguet, Piaget or a Patek Philippe. Gold and silver coins (usually 99.9 % pure) are kept as an investment. These can also be sold for a competitive market price for quick cash. You can even sell dental gold and silver as well.

Is there a consignment option?

Unlike most of the other jewelers, Gray & Sons allow you to sell your items immediately for cash as well as consign your jewelry for a better price. A consignment is an excellent option for sellers who have some time to spare and want the best price for your pre-owned jewelry and designer watch. You can decide mutually agreeable consignment terms over the phone, or you can just visit any of the Gray & Sons chain of outlets in Florida.

What about broken jewelry?

Old, unused, and even broken jewelry is accepted at Sell Us Your Jewelry. This may be a bit hard to believe, but you can sell your broken earrings, necklace, chains, rings, and other items following the same procedure online. You can also consult the team of expert jewelers and gemologists to discuss redesigning and remodeling of the broken jewelry. Even if you have loose diamonds or gems that are lying idle in your safe or bedroom drawer may have an intrinsic value to it. Do not waste your jewelry just because it is broken. Let our experts examine it and find out what they are worth.

Sell Us Your Jewelry continues to provide a reliable and safe service for selling your pre-owned jewelry, diamonds, and designer watches online. Visit for more details and get a free preliminary quote for your used precious items. The easy 3 step process ensures a haggle free and seamless exchange where you are paid in cash and in full.

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