Sell Your Jewelry: Top Jewelry Brands We Buy

April 16th, 2024

Top Jewelry Brands We Buy: Cash in Your Jewelry Now!

Owning high-end luxury jewelry is great, whether it was given to you as a gift from a loved one, an inheritance, or a gift to yourself. But what do you do when you no longer want or need these pieces? It can be such a waste to leave them locked up in your jewelry box. A better option is to sell your jewelry!

If you're wondering, where can I sell my luxury jewelry, or where can I sell my watch? Sell Us Your should be your go-to place when you want to sell your jewelry. We are the top jewelry buyer in Miami and nationwide.

Sell Us Your buys pre-owned luxury jewelry brands from Cartier to David Yurman, Bvlgari, Audemars Piguet, Rolex, and almost all top-name brands in the industry. We have been buying pre-owned luxury jewelry for over four decades, and we pay top dollar for them!


Secure Instant Cash: Your Silver Buyer Extraordinaire
Discover timeless elegance in the Breitling Super Ocean A17365C9 watch, meticulously crafted from stainless steel; the perfect choice when you decide to sell your jewelry.


The Benefits of Selling Your Jewelry

Selling your jewelry can have emotional and financial benefits. You may choose to part with your precious items for various reasons.

  • It might be a way to break ties with the past and embrace new opportunities or experiences, especially after a divorce.
  • It can finance the purchase of new, customized, or upgraded pieces that better reflect your current style or preferences.
  • It can bail you out of financial distress by providing immediate cash for financial needs or unexpected expenses or you may simply wish to go on vacation!

Once you have decided to sell your jewelry, head off to Sell Us Your for a simple, hassle-free, and convenient selling experience. We have a team of luxury jewelry experts with a combined experience of 150 years ready to assist and ensure you get the most value for your pieces.


Top Jewelry Brands We Buy is willing to buy your high-end jewelry or luxury watches in any condition and will give you top dollars for them. Here is a list of the luxury jewelry and watch brands we buy:


Jewelry Brands


Embrace Opulence with Expert Jewelry Buyer
Vintage Bvlgari ruby & diamond ring in 18k yellow gold featuring 5 emerald cut diamonds, a timeless piece perfect for the discerning jewelry buyer.


Watch Brands

Sell Us Your is also a top diamond and sterling silver buyer.

These luxury jewelry and watch brands have qualities that allow them to retain their value.

  • Brand Heritage and History. Luxury brands often have a rich history and heritage, sometimes spanning decades or even centuries, adding to the brand's perceived value.
  • Rarity. The rarity of many luxury brand models enhances consumer desirability.
  • Craftsmanship. Using the finest materials and employing skilled artisans elevate the perceived value of luxury jewelry.
  • Quality Materials and Construction. The use of premium materials contributes to their durability, comfort, and overall quality.
  • Innovation and Design Excellence. Top-notch designers constantly strive to create unique, trend-setting products.
  • Brand Image. Luxury brands maintain a consistent image, reinforcing brand identity and consumer trust.

These factors work together to create a unique allure that distinguishes luxury brands in the market.


Elite Rolex Daytona Buyer's Dream Watch
The Rolex Daytona 6265 watch, crafted from stainless steel, features a stainless steel bracelet and a stainless steel deployant buckle, appealing to Rolex buyer.


What We Look For in Jewelry

The experts at evaluate your pre-owned luxury jewelry and watches based on these factors:

  • Material and Gemstone Quality. Higher-quality materials contribute to the overall value of the jewelry.
  • Craftsmanship and Design. Fine detailing, intricate work, and innovative designs often increase the desirability and value of pre-owned pieces.
  • Brand Recognition. Brand recognition can be an essential factor in determining the perceived worth of pre-owned jewelry.
  • Provenance and History. Jewelry, especially if it has a notable background or if it is associated with a particular period or style, can have a higher value.
  • Condition. Well-maintained pieces, with minimal signs of wear, damage, or repairs, are generally more valuable than those in poor condition.
  • Authenticity. Authenticity, including proper hallmarks, signatures, and documentation, is crucial for establishing the legitimacy and value of pre-owned pieces.
  • Market Demand. Pieces that are in high demand may command higher prices.
  • Rarity. Uncommon gemstones, limited-edition releases, or discontinued styles can make your jewelry more valuable.

We conduct a two-step evaluation process on your luxury jewelry. We do an initial evaluation based on the information and photos you upload when you request a free quote. After sending your item to us, our expert jewelry appraisers or Swiss-trained watchmakers will conduct a final physical inspection of your jewelry or watch. We will then give you our final offer.


The Selling Process, the buying division of Gray & Sons Jewelers has a straightforward four-step selling process:

  1. Request a free quote. Upload information about the item you wish to sell, including a detailed description and preferably multiple photos.
  2. We will evaluate your item based on the information you provided, and we will give you an initial offer.
  3. If you agree, you will send your item to us using the Easy Ship Box through registered mail.
  4. We will conduct a more thorough physical inspection of your item and give you a final offer.
  5. If you accept our final offer, we will send you immediate payment through check or wire transfer.

You can contact our expert jewelry buyer for any questions you may have at any phase of the selling process at email:; tel. 1-305-770-6955; or chat.

You can also visit our showroom at 9595 Harding Ave Surfside (Miami Beach) FL 33154 (Located across from Bal Harbour Shops) Monday - Saturday: 10 am to 5 pm and 11:00 am - 5:00 pm on Sundays during Holiday season.


Why Choose to Sell Us Your

There are many reasons you should sell your jewelry to Sell Us Your

  • Expertise and Experience. Our team comprises experienced jewelry experts with in-depth knowledge of the jewelry industry. This expertise ensures accurate evaluations and fair offers for your jewelry.
  • Transparent and Fair Evaluations. We can provide you with detailed explanations of how we determined the value of your jewelry.
  • Fair Market Value. Our pricing is based on thorough evaluations, taking into account various factors that contribute to the overall worth of your items.
  • Efficient and Streamlined Process. We strive to make your selling experience simple and hassle-free from the time you request a free quote to the final payment.
  • Customer-Centric Approach. We value customer satisfaction.
  • Open Communication. Our team is readily available to address any inquiries, provide updates on the evaluation process, and guide sellers through each step of the selling process.
  • Secure Transactions. We safeguard your privacy and financial information throughout the selling process.

Our commitment to giving you only the best overall selling experience makes us stay on top of the competition.


Precision in every tick: Sell your luxury watch today
Capture attention with a Rolex Daytona 116505 watch, featuring an 18k rose gold bracelet and Fliplock buckle; sell your jewelry effortlessly with this timeless and elegant timepiece.


Sell Your Jewelry to Us

Sell Us Your is the top luxury jewelry buyer and watch buyer in Miami and across the U.S. We offer the most dollars for your luxury jewelry, making us confident to say, “See Us Last!” We provide an easy, straightforward, secure, and transparent selling process.

Start the selling process now


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the best way I can sell my jewelry?

The best way to sell your jewelry is to deal with a reputable, reliable, and trustworthy jewelry buyer like Sell Us Your We provide two options for selling your jewelry either online or in-person. Whether you like to stay at home or receive a one on one personal consultation we make sure you receive the best customer service.


2. Where can I sell my watch fast and easy?

The fastest and easiest way to sell your watch is by filling out a free quote on our website. We have a maximum 48 hours response time. Then all you have to do is send us your item, we will conduct an expert physical evaluation and then give you a final offer. Once you accept the offer, you will receive payment immediately either via check or wire transfer.


3. Own a Rolex watch and wish to sell it ?

If you want to sell your Rolex watch, Sell Us Your is the top Rolex buyer in Miami and across the U.S. Just fill out a free quote form to start the selling process right away.




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